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The Gift of Courage tells stories of everyday heroes who elevate their community through compassion. The Courage Compass is an essential guide to finding your meaning and purpose. Ken Streater’s books, blogs, and other writings are enlivening the world. Get the sneak preview Courage Compass intro. 

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Empowering programs are coming your way! Profound and energizing speakers illustrate how you can live your dreams. You will experience life-changing inspiration while giving to your community since these events raise funds for local non-profits. Watch a recent program highlight video.


The Gift of Courage salutes those who improve their community, including yours. From your recommendations we provide recognition and rewards to innovative service-oriented people and organizations, including scholarships to student-leaders. Submit a form with your recommendation.


Change starts with learning, awareness, and then knowing. Our workshops help you ignite passions, uncover purpose, live your calling, and lift your community. Our middle- and high-school curriculum empowers students to do the same. Sign up now for our next workshop or live program.

It takes courage to choose a life of purpose. Courage is born of a simple desire to do the right thing. It forms when action is taken—putting your life on the line, opening your heart, or stepping just outside your comfort zone—even in the face of challenge or risk. Lives of purpose—born of courage—are gifts that radiate goodness and lift communities and the world. This is the gift of courageRead More. 

Lifechanging. Inspirational. Empowering. Enlivening. Grateful. Perspective. Motivating. Heartfelt. Invigorating. Touching. Thank You. The comments from those who have read our books and blog posts, attended live events, received awards, and participated in workshops are simply overwhelming. We are honored to have a positive impact on your lives, as you do on ours…Read More. 

Ken Streater is an author, speaker, and the founder of The Gift of Courage. From canoeing the deltas of Bostwana to rafting wild rivers in Siberia, walking the streets of China during the Tiananmen Square uprising to deep conversations with luminaries and everyday heroes, through these experiences Ken knows we each have a unique greatness that once revealed can elevate the world…Read More.  

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